White Moonstone

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Moonstone gemstones are some of the most popular gems in the world, and in particular, it’s one of the most well-known gemstones used to make jewellery. Moonstone jewellery holds historical importance, with this gemstone named after the Roman goddess Diana, who was known as Luna to the Romans. Many ancient civilizations believed moonstone held magical powers and that it would bring good fortune if worn on certain days of the month.

Astrological Benefits of Moonstone

Throughout history, there have been many rumours surrounding moonstone gemstones. For example, ancient Romans believed that moonstones were actually petrified moonlight and Viking folklore claimed that these particular stones could bestow mystical powers upon their wearers. Today, there are still many stories regarding these mysterious stones but one thing that is certain is that they do possess healing properties. In fact, moonstones were once used as jewellery to help heal ailments such as stress, anxiety and even depression—and today it’s not uncommon for people to don them as pendants in hopes of achieving similar results.


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