Brazilian Emerald


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Brazilian Emerald Stone

Brazilian Emerald is an exceptional vibrant green-colored member of the emerald gemstone family. Mined out of the renowned Sakota emerald mines, these emeralds are also known by the name Sakota Emerald. Among all the origins, Sakota Panna, of Minas Gerais, is one of the hugely sought-after origins of emerald stones. Brazil is also known for producing the very rare six-spoke star emeralds and the rare cat’s eye emerald stones. Other primary mines of Brazil are located in Bahia, Cuiaba, Goias, Jacobina, Minas Gerais, Paracatu, and Salobo. Since 1980, new deposits have been located in different regions of Brazil, making it one of the prominent suppliers of emeralds suppliers in the global gemstone market.

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