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Blue Moonstone, prized for its enchanting blue sheen and ethereal beauty, captivates with its iridescence. Found in select deposits worldwide, it symbolizes intuition and spiritual growth. Admired for its luminous glow, it remains a beloved gemstone cherished for its mystical allure.Blue Moonstone (also called Neela Chandramani in Hindi) is a highly-valued semi-precious gemstone known to collectors for its adularescence effect- a phenomenon caused by the dispersion of light as it hits the thin, alternating layers of the orthoclase feldspar and albite mineral crystals within the gem. The end result of this diffraction is a floating, dreamy appearance of the gem that resembles the sheen of the Moon. Often called “adularia,” moonstones are said to have been named after the city of “Mt Adularia” in Switzerland with many wild stories of its origin prevalent in Greek and Roman mythology. The earliest known traditions describe moonstones as stones dedicated to the service of god. In Greek mythology, the Blue moonstone is the third gemstone found in the city wall of Jerusalem. While in Christian philosophy, blue moonstones are said to represent Mother Mary’s beauty and austerity.

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